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Aro’s investment philosophy is a bend of economic analysis and market psychology, focusing on risk while evolving through the business cycle. Using a combination of quantitative and macroeconomic indicators, the strategy allows for a less volatile performance, by taking a long-term horizon with active risk management of the short term “noise” of the market, with a focus on the economic cycle. Our aim is to increase returns while reducing volatility.


Aro’s macroeconomic indicators and long-term risk strategy evaluates economic risk, thereby “smoothing the curve” while maintaining outperformance in the long-term. The portfolio is agnostic to the market short term volatility, providing opportunity.


Our investment approach allows us also to exploit price efficiencies in all stages of the economic cycle and across all market conditions. We believe that the market “noise’ creates opportunities and risk due to short term mispricing of the shares and the market in general.

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