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Aro’s investment philosophy is a bend of economic analysis and market psychology, focusing on risk while evolving through the business cycle. Using a combination of quantitative and macroeconomic indicators, the strategy allows for a less volatile performance, by taking a long-term horizon with active risk management of the short term “noise” of the market, with a focus on the economic cycle, thereby “smoothing the curve”.

The portfolio is agnostic to short term volatility, providing opportunity to exploit price efficiencies in all stages of the economic cycle and across all market conditions


Aro provides consulting to planning firms in regards to their investment processes. Aro also manages funds on behalf of family offices, institutions and private investors on behalf of their advisors with a focus on long-term outcomes for its investors. 

Image by Verne Ho
Image by Tyler Franta

Aro uses a top-down approach, with a focus on economic cycles and relationships between companies, industries and global markets. With a long-term focus, the portfolio at times may be invested across both growth and defensive asset classes.
Aro’s objective is to mitigate risk while maintaining an above normal return over the long term, underlined by Aro’s long-term risk management strategy.

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