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Solutions for Advisors

Aro Asset Management provides consulting to planning firms in regards to their investment processes. Aro also works with other consultants to maximize results for each planning firm to best meet their requirements

Aro’s focus and vision is to build long term, trusted relationships by providing value-based outcomes for both advisors and their clients.


Financial planners, Firms and Dealer Groups.

Aro provides solutions to planners who are looking to implement their own investment proposition in an efficient and cost effective way. Designed to grow with the business and understanding all businesses are different, Aro tailor solutions for firms, big or small. This can range from “off the shelf” SMAs, white labelled SMAs to fully integrated in-house asset management.

Managed Portfolios

Aro manages a number of portfolios which have outperformed their respective peer groups since inception. The portfolios include an Australian equities portfolio, along with 3 multi-asset portfolios, comprising a combination of direct shares and managed funds.

Image by Christopher Gower
Business Presentation

Centralised Investment Process

A CIP is a standardised investment approach that enables you to offer a comprehensive, consistent and value adding investment solution to all of your clients. It frees up your time from starting afresh with every client, product picking and dealing with multiple product providers, which enables you to focus on the real value-added client specific activities that only a true client-facing adviser can provide.

Access at a personal level

Aro prides itself on being accessible at all times for advisors, including working with staff, to best provide the results in the most efficient and effective way.

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