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Aro Capital (formerly Credence Wealth Management) is an investment advisory firm,  specialising in providing holistic strategic advice and asset management to private clients and family offices.


We often work alongside other financial advisers to achieve the best outcome for their clients, while remaining independent.

Aro also provides corporate advisory services to corporate clients, access to capital raising, research and market support from a strong network of independent specialists, with a more personal touch.​

​With over 20 years of experience in financial markets, we believe in long term relationships, with long term goals.


Aro Capital focuses on value-based outcomes, in line with the client's fundamental goals.  

Understanding, Trust and Integrity is the  foundation of any successful business, and we believe every client can be a long-term client if these values are followed.

Our investment strategy focuses on reducing short-term volatility by analysing correlations between investments, while maintaining a long term horizon. We utilise successful fund mangers within our portfolios, while applying a strict risk management strategy over the investments. This allow us to mitigate negative returns while still maintaining a long-term performance.

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Our Values


We pride ourselves on building trust and confidence with our clients. It is important that our values and expectations align with yours so we can built a foundation that can endure for generations. 

We encourage our clients to integrate, so it is imperative those we deal with are people our clients are comfortable with.

Our role is to help relieve the stress and worry, while still making your wealth work for you efficiently.

For this to work, integrity, trust and reliability is critical for our business.

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Aro Capital (Credence Wealth Management Pty Ltd, trading as)

ACN 612501167

Level 1

1205 Hay St
West Perth, WA 6005, Australia

PO Box 154

West Perth WA 6872

T (+61) 8 6380 9205

F (+61) 8 6380 9299

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