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Idle Facts

Idle Facts

  • The Australian Stock Market has returned 11%pa on average since 1980

  • There have been 5 recessions since 1887

  • The worst calendar year performance on the ASX was in 2008

  • The best calendar year performance on the ASX was in 1983

  • The Australian Share market has only ever has one negative rolling 10 yr average, from 2008 to now.

  • The first commodity market was established in Sumer. Iraq, sometime between 4500 and 4000 BCE

  • The Australian Dollar reached a low of US$ 0.48 in 2001

  • The Australian Dollar reached a high of US$ 1.49 in 1973

  • In 1AD, India was the world's largest economy, producing 32% of the world's GDP, followed by China with 28%.

  • Roman Empire at it's peak was only 12% of the world's GDP

  • In 1820, China was 33% of the world's GDP, USA was 16%

  • Aus. Bond Market is worth A$1.1 trill, compared to the ASX with A$1.6 trill. & US Bond Market, US$ 32trill.

  • The M1 Money supply in Australia at end of  2017 was AU$360 Billion

  • Australia's government debt to GDP is the second lowest in the OECD - less than 25% of America's

  • The Australian dollar is the fifth-most traded currency, more than the Yuan, Real, Ruble or Rupee

  • Australia's population density is less than one person per square kilometre, only Namibia and Mongolia are less 

  • In 2017, Australia's housing was overvalued by 56% according to price-to-rent ratios - currently biggest bubble in the world

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